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Permaculture Farm
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About the Project

The Jungle Hub was founded in 2013, when we acquired a former cow-pasture that was severely degraded and lacked biodiversity. The first years were crucial for the land to regenerate. In 2020, we made the bold decision to leave our previous lives in big European cities and move here permanently, with the vision of creating a sustainable paradise where nature and humans can thrive in harmony.

Our dream is to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, living off-grid and growing our own food through Permaculture practices. It’s a sanctuary where individuals converge to connect with nature, indulge in wholesome meals, engage in collective meditation, and educate themselves on sustainable living principles. This space serves as a showcase for sustainable living ideals.

We place a high value on healthy, delicious food and enjoy cooking and eating together with our guests. Our love for music led us to build our own recording studio in the jungle, where we compose and record music, and also host concerts and jam sessions. We even have our own podcast, “Está sucediendo ahora! – the Jungle Hub Podcast”, where we share the music and conversations that happen here.

Spirituality is also an important part of our lives, and we practice yoga and meditation regularly. We believe that permaculture goes beyond agriculture and encompasses all aspects of life, including how we build our homes, prepare our food, and interact with each other. Our dream is to create a permanent culture that is sustainable and in harmony with nature.

Your Hosts

Guillermo & Manuela

After working as a testing engineer for BMW in Munich for 15 years, Guillermo realized it was time to pursue his lifelong dream. He returned to his home country to live a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature. Passionate about Permaculture, philosophy, and sustainable living, he spends his days working with his hands and sharing his knowledge with guests. In addition to his love for nature, he also has a passion for composing and recording music, and his creative spirit can be felt throughout the Jungle Hub.

Manuela comes from Austria and after traversing the globe, has finally found her home in this tropical paradise. Having learned about Yoga & Meditation in India and Permaculture in Spain, she holds a BA in Social- and Cultural Anthropology and a MSc in Social Ecology. However, she discovered that her true happiness lies in living a simple life, spending her days tending to the gardens, cooking healthy meals, hosting guests, and reveling in the beauty of nature.


Both of our co-founders have completed their certification as Permaculture Designers, which means they have undergone rigorous training in sustainable design principles and practices. They have a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of living systems and how to work with nature rather than against it.

The knowledge of sustainable design principles and practices is reflected in every aspect of Jungle Hub, from the way structures are designed and built, to the way gardens are cultivated and food is produced. The team at Jungle Hub constantly strives to integrate the principles of permaculture into their daily lives, and they are always looking for ways to improve their sustainability practices. The ultimate goal of Jungle Hub is to create a permanent culture that is in harmony with nature, and the team firmly believes that permaculture is the key to achieving this vision.

Our Podcast

Está Sucediendo Ahora!

“Está Sucediendo Ahora!” is a Spanish-language podcast produced by Jungle Hub that chronicles the personal journey of Guillermo, who left the rat race and transformed his life by embracing permaculture and sustainable living at Jungle Hub. Using his own music as a backdrop, Guillermo shares his inspiring story and offers insights into the permaculture movement and the Jungle Hub project. The podcast also features interviews with guests and volunteers who share their own perspectives on permaculture and sustainable living.


This particular episode delves into the beginnings of Jungle Hub and what makes this place so special to both Manuela, Guillermo, and all the visitors who come to experience it.


The Volunteer Program

At Jungle Hub, we love to have company and share our sustainable lifestyle with like-minded individuals. We understand that not everyone can afford to stay with us, and that’s why we started our volunteer program. It’s an opportunity for people to learn from us, enjoy the natural surroundings and contribute to the project by sharing their talents. Volunteers stay with us for 2-3 weeks and assist with guest activities, cooking, and cleaning. During the rest of their time, they can choose to work in the gardens, create art, or engage in any other activity they are passionate about that could benefit the project. We believe in creating a collaborative community where everyone contributes and benefits from the experience.

If you want more information, please send us a message and we will be happy to tell you more!

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