This page is dedicated to memes. But not as the common notion of the funny image or video that is spread through social networks, but rather Richard Dawkins’ definition, which is that a meme is the smallest unit of an idea.

“A meme is to an ideology, what a gene is to biology”, is itself a meme often discussed by Terence McKenna, “and as such they can be copied, replicated and passed around, where they will compete with other memes for survival”.

Here I want to share some memes of my own. The way I see it, memes are a great way to compress a huge idea into its smallest kernel. After years of writing these, I know just by reading them I would be able to unpack the whole original concept from them and write complete books about each meme.

Meme No. 1

There is a relation between a flexible body and a tolerant mind. Just as the branch of a tree that gives to the wind can tolerate great external pressure without being damaged, a tolerant mind can do exactly the same.

Meme No. 2

Trust is the gate that separates the primal psychological realm of fear from that of love.

Meme N0. 3

To reach your highest dream requires you only to articulate your intention with great precision (because then you’ll always know what to do next).

Meme No. 4

Life’s a dance, and you get to pick the music.

Meme No. 5

It’s less “think before you act” and more “act after you think.”

Meme No. 6

The mind, in the sense of that voice in your head, is like the organs in our body. It should operate without us actually noticing, unless there is something wrong with it.

Meme No. 7

Your life is whatever you imagine it to be. The phrase should be: “I think, therefore I experience.”

Meme No. 8

It’s very hard to change things or people in the external world, but it ‘s also unnecessary. It is enough to change your perception about them, what these things represent to you, which is in your head.

Meme No. 9

Consider the following “huge letter” chain: Trust –> Relax –> Surrender. It applies from anything from sex to meditation.

Meme No. 10

True love is unconditional. Invite it into your heart and it will come without condition.