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What is Jungle Hub

What is Jungle Hub?

Jungle Hub is a privately funded nature restoration project that also functions as a digital detox get-away and as a meeting point for interaction and creativity.

Who is it for?

Jungle Hub is for creative people from all strands of life who want to meet like-minded people and spend true quality time. Whether your thing is music, green architecture, hands-on construction, cooking, gardening or philosophy, if you feel drawn to meaningful endeavors while fully immersed in nature, Jungle Hub is for you.

When we get together at the Jungle Hub we tend gardens and build with our hands, we observe nature from within, we go for walks in the forest and then jump in the river, we cook amazing food together, and in the evenings we sit around the camp fire to have a good time. In phase two of our vision, when the bungalows are ready, we will also organize more formal events and workshops such as hands-on permaculture courses, yoga, concerts, digital detox retreats, summer camps for teenagers and adults, etc. For those who prefer privacy, the land is large enough to accommodate for that, as well.

What can I expect?

In the first phase of our project, while we are still building the bungalows and have to stay in tents, we operate according to the following principle: choose your favorite spot on the land and settle in for as long as you want. We will split the cost of food, take turns in the kitchen and share the common facilities. All we ask is for you to leave your immediate living surroundings nicer that they were when you arrived. We’ll help you with the skills to do it and provide you with tools and other material resources. You are welcome to participate in one of our many ongoing projects.

Where is it located and what’s on the land?

The farm is located in San Ramón de Alajuela, in Costa Rica, only 50 min. from the SJO international airport. We have our private 2,5 ha forest including a 22m high waterfall and close-to-private natural pond under it. We are restoring the remaining 1,5 ha from what used to be cow pastures and creating carefully tended gardens, simple but comfortable structures and beautiful pathways in their place. We have an organic fruit forest with over 100 fruit trees, a pond that acts as an oasis for all kinds of plant and wild animal life, a kitchen that serves as meeting and socializing point, a dry toilet and cold shower facility and plenty of camping area under our centennial Guanacaste tree and other areas distributed on the land.