About us

Hi, we are Guillermo and Manuela and we will be your hosts

About Guillermo

After working 15 years as a testing engineer for BMW in Munich I decided it was the right time to return to my home country and start living the life I have always dreamt of. I am passionate about permaculture, philosophy, food, composing and recording music and working with my hands.

About Manuela

I’m from Austria and after extensively traveling the world I am very happy to have found my home here in this tropical paradise in Costa Rica. I learned about Yoga & Meditation in India and about Permaculture in Spain. I studied Social- and Cultural Anthropology and Social Ecology at University. But I found out that I’m happiest living a simple life and spending my days gardening, cooking (and eating) healthy food and enjoying nature.

About Jungle Hub

In 2020 we decided to take the bold step to leave our previous lives and start our common dream together. We only knew each other a couple of months, but the dream lived in both of us for way longer.

The Jungle Hub project aims to enable a sustainable way of life in harmony with our surroundings, while preserving comfort. This means to establish a direct connection with the environment and all it offers, and then learning how it all works and how to optimize it. This is Permaculture.

Using Permaculture methods, we created our own simple, yet beautiful and meaningful existence that meets all our needs, and allows for recreation and creativity, while at the same time contributing to the regeneration of nature. We are ready to share our lifestyle with you!